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What's up?

Welcome to my photography site. I like to hike around and take photos. Since taking a photography class in high school, in my home town of Mendocino, I have been fascinated with the medium. I am a hobbyist photographer, because like most things I do while aspiring to greatness, I also believe that "doing it right' means having a lot fun. I believe that when something I'm doing stops being enjoyable, then I'm no longer on the right track.

You'll see that I do a lot of landscape photography, probably because I am quickly captivated by amazing scenery – headlands, canyons, rivers, oceans, sunsets, fog covered mountain roads – you get the idea. However I also do some portrait photographs when I can capture my friends and family in the moment and I love macro photography. I like the artistic side of visual composition, but I also like nerding-out on camera technology, lenses, and photo gadgets.

I often find myself in amazing photographic opportunities without my camera. That's the worst, but letting go and enjoying the moment is almost as satisfying as capturing it with a series of f-stop and shutter speed combinations.

I took two years of traditional dark room photography in high school and a year in college. Everything is digital now, and that is kinda sad. Developing your own film in the dark and watching prints come to life under dim orange lights is an amazing and unique experience. I'm super happy that I got to do hundreds of hours of it. These days I'm happy with the ease and convenience of digital and not breathing all those nasty dark room chemicals.

In addition to photography I jam on the drums and guitar, make independent video games, cook lots of good food, and love drawing. You can see some of my Illustrations here. Professionally I'm a full stack web developer & designer, programming large scalable web applications, architecting databases, and designing beautiful user interfaces.

I'm happily married to an extremely talented musician, Megan McDuffee. She is the light of my life.

Checkout out more of my projects at AJLemos.com.

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