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Montgomery Woods

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  • Redwood Canopy

    Looking straight up at the redwood canopy through a wide angle lens.

  • Montgomery Woods

    Morning light through the giant redwoods of Montgomery Woods.

  • Light Rings

    Sun rings on a wide angle lens.

  • Succulent Flower Macro

    A tiny purple flower on one of our succulents.

  • View From Punta Gorda Lighthouse

    Looking south along the Lost Coast from the roof of the historic Punta Gorda Lighthouse.

  • Sarah And Victor

    Great company, good times, beautiful landscapes, and no cell reception. Paradise.

  • Punta Gorda Lighthouse

    Black and white shot of the Punta Gorda Lighthouse just south of Mattole Point.

  • The Lost Coast

    Hiking south along the Lost Coast.

  • Punta Gorda Lighthouse Interior

    Hight contrast super wide angle shot looking out on the Pacific from inside the Punta Gorda Lighthouse.

  • Coastal Flowers

    Sarah and Victor hiking through fields of flowers on the Lost Coast trail.

  • Lost Coast Creek

    A long exposure of one of many small creeks that meet the Pacific along the Lost Coast.

  • Lost Coast Backpackers

    Another great spot for a break.

  • Big Flat Creek

    Fog clinging to the King Range at the Big Flat Creek on the Lost Coast.

  • Lost Coast Fog

    Hikers silhouetted by a fog bank over the Pacific Ocean on the Lost Coast.

  • Tyler On The Move

    Tyler trekking the headlands of the Lost Coast.

  • Clovers

    Morning dew on clovers in Mendocino.

  • The Orchard

    Testing out my new wide-angle lens on my parent's orchard and barn in Mendocino.

  • Northern Mockingbirds

    Mockingbirds playing on our fence.

  • Huckleberry Finn

    Huckleberry Finn in the grass when he was just a wee little kitten.

  • Meg & Finn

    Introducing our new kitten to the outdoors.

  • On The Train

    Watching the snowy scenery roll by on the Amtrak through the Sierras.

  • Meg On The Train

    Megan listening to tunes while we cross the Sierras on the scenic California Zephyr Amtrak train.

  • A Frog On A Skull

    Macro shot of a frog on a skull at Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Thekkady, Kerala, India.

  • Kerala Banyan Tree

    Jungle tree at Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Thekkady, Kerala, India.

  • Elephant Tooth

    Found this massive elephant tooth while hiking in the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Thekkady, Kerala, India.

  • Pink Flower Macro

    Morning rain leaves this winter bloom shiny and clean.

  • Water Drops On A Flower

    Tiny balls of H2O gripping onto flower petals.

  • Rain Drops

    Macro photo of rain drops on a flower in my parent's garden. At this scale, the tiniest bit of wind on a flower like this can cause a small blur. Patience was the key.

  • A Good Place For Lunch

    Captured this sweet pano after taking a dip and munching some lunch on our Eel River backpack trip in 2018.

  • River Stones

    Black and white high contrast photo of flowing water through a rocky river bed.

  • California Hairstreak Butterfly

    Exploring how much depth-of-field I could achieve on a rented Zeiss 16-35mm f/4.

  • North Fork Of The Eel River

    Gorgeous landscape looking down the North fork of the Eel River.

  • River Pool

    Three mini waterfalls filling a deep pool on the Eel River.

  • Afternoon Shade

    Some awesome afternoon light peaking through the forest and reflecting on the river on the first day of our trip.

  • Rav In The Maple Tree

    Climbing around and taking photos between rain showers.

  • Haze

    Morning sunlight through smokey haze on Highway 128.

  • Burning Daylight

    Smoke in the air from California fires set the sky orange over Big River Beach.

  • Annas Hummingbird

    Waiting in rapid shutter mode, reading my book, on the porch, in Mendocino.

  • Eel River Panoramic

    Hiking down the eel river with dad (left), Meg (right), and Trevor (not pictured) on an awesome backpack trip.

  • Tiny Purple Flowers

    Another macro photo of mini little flowers.

  • Spikes

    Be careful where you sit in Joshua Tree.

  • On The Trail

    Just getting started for the day after a very cold and windy night out in the open.

  • Macro Flower Bud

    Found these little-tiny purple flower buds and was able to get a good handheld macro shot.

  • Macro Desert Marigold

    Awesome detail and a nice depth of field with this new macro lens.

  • Lone Camera Sunset

    Taking photos of our nightly desert sunset entertainment.

  • Joshua Tree Sunset Panoramic

    We got lucky with this spectacular, 180 degree sunset on our final night.

  • Joshua Trees

    Or as we called them on our trip, the Truffula Trees.

  • Happy Hikers

    Trevor, Wade, and Kevin hiking like their packs are weightless!

  • Desert Hiker

    Wade trail blazing in the blazing Joshua Tree sun.

  • Joshua Tree Desert Bloom

    We got lucky and caught a handful of these incredible red cactus flowers on our trip.

  • Joshua Tree Desert Landscape

    Interesting rock formations at Pinto Basin.

  • Joshua Tree Cholla

    Some of the cholla cactuses were as tall as I am. Headlamps recommended at night.

  • Exploring Pinto Basin, Joshua Tree

    Exploring and taking photos with the dudes in the epic rock landscape of Pinto Basin during our 2018 Joshua Tree backpack trip.

  • Desert Cactus

    More cactuses!

  • Desert Cactus Flower

    Super macro of a blooming cactus flower with the Sony 90mm G OSS.

  • Cholla Spikes

    The Cholla in Joshua Tree were literally everywhere you looked. We didn't let them stop us from playing Frisbee, however.

  • Cholla Cactus

    Nice shallow depth of field on this budding cholla cactus.

  • Cactus Macro

    I only took a small table top tripod on this trip, because every ounce adds up when you are lugging everything you need for 6 days on your back. This little tripod is way too flimsy for my macro lens so all the macro shots in this gallery were taken hand held, which is a real challenge. Luckily both my Sony camera body and macro lens have built in image stabilization, making these super close ups possible to capture hand held.

  • Waterfall Swimming Hole On The Eel River

    Discovered this awesome swimming hole exploring on last day of our trip while we were hiking out of the wilderness.

  • Rain Drops On A Clover

    One of the first macro photos I took. Got this after a good rain right outside my house. This was pushing the boundaries of what I can get with a handheld shot. Sony's optical steadyshot, both in the camera body and on the lens, makes this a doable handheld, but really I should have not been lazy and just busted out the tripod.

  • Meg's Eye

    Macro shot of Meg's iris.

  • Meg

    Nice morning light in the kitchen.

  • Japanese Street

    Exploring the streets of Japan during a twenty four hour layover on the way to Bali.

  • The Boss

    This guy looks like he runs the show here. I remember a monkey stealing my father's glasses. Then a man who was working at the temple traded the monkey some peanuts for the glasses back. My dad gave the man a tip. Standard monkey/human sting operation.

  • Uluwatu Monkeys

    There were monkeys everywhere at the Uluwatu cliff temple.

  • Uluwatu Sunset

    This negative had a horrible emulsion streak across it. I spent hours with the healing brush cleaning it up, along with dust spots and scratches. Can you tell?

  • Jungle Alleyway

    It seems like everything in Bali has something growing on it.

  • Ubud Soccer Field

    Panoramic of a soccer field and temple in Ubud, Bali. This was back in 2004, I wonder what it looks like these days.

  • Stepping Into Time

    I really like the movement in this garden path photo. It just feels right.

  • Hanging Trinkets

    Exploring the tourist shops in Ubud near the beginning of our trip.

  • Temple At Uluwatu

    Got some awesome contrast at this cliffside temple near Uluwatu.

  • Mt. Batur

    I took this panoramic of a storm rolling in over the active volcano Mount Batur on our first week in Bali.

  • Flashbacks

    We stayed at an awesome little bed and breakfast bungalow for a week or more in Sanur called Flashbacks. The owners were extremely nice and we quickly felt at home.

  • Painting

    Asked this nice gentleman if I could take a photo of him painting and his kid jumped up and wanted to be in the photo too.

  • Motorcycle Blur

    We pulled over on the side of the road to take photos of an amazing view of mountains and rice paddies, but while everyone was shooting the landscape I though I'd see if I could pull off a quarter second exposure and capture one of the motorcycles whizzing.

  • Lembongan Island Sunset

    Another magical sunset on Lembongan Island. Somehow all the boats lined up and pointed at the sun perfectly for this shot. This was the first photo I ever sold, matted and framed in an art showing my high school dark-room photography put on. I remember when I got back from Bali and printed a contact sheet of all my negatives from the trip, my photography teacher, Bill B. took a quick look, pointed out this photo and said with a smile, "Your whole trip was worth this one shot here."

  • Monkey Forest

    Chillin' in the treetops, monkey style.

  • Lembongan Island Fishing Boat

    Sunset silhouette of a lone fishing boat on Lembongan Island tethered to the beach.

  • Jungle Waterfall

    I took this photo on a day hike to an amazing waterfall destination deep in the jungle.

  • Stairway Into The Jungle

    Mom descending an ancient jungle stairway at Monkey Forest in Ubud, Bali.

  • Bali Bill

    Dad, ready to go explore Ubud on day one of our Bali adventure.

  • Nick

    Nick, looking really happy to have landed in the tropics and be off the long plane ride.

  • West Cliff Sunset

    Tide pool sunset reflection on West Cliff.

  • West Cliff

    Same as it always was.

  • Yosemite Milky Way

    When I went to sleep the nearly full moon was out and I could barely see any stars. But when I awoke sometime in the wee hours of the morning the moon had set and I grabbed my camera for a short Milky Way photo shoot before crawling back into my sleeping bag.

  • Sunset After A Thunderstorm

    Caught this amazing sunset right in front of our campsite after a crazy thunder and rainstorm that passed right over our heads.

  • Scouting For A Way To Scramble Down

    Descending the granite, hot and sweaty, and ready for a swim. We had to navigate a few sketchy bits of terrain and scramble our way back to the lake.

  • Sunset Sky With Silhouettes

    Watching the evening entertainment on the last day of our backpacking trip in Yosemite.

  • Lake Sunset

    Enjoying some nice sunset lighting on a small lake after another day of amazing hiking in Yosemite.

  • Willie & Trev Backpacking

    Willie and Trevor taking in a spectacular view of the 360-degree granite valley while backpacking in the Yosemite Wilderness.

  • Evening Reflection On A Perfectly Still Lake

    Awesome evening light reflecting a breathtaking view on a perfectly still lake in the Yosemite Wilderness.

  • Lantern Reflection At Dusk

    Playing with long exposures and a solar-charged lantern after dusk following another day of backpacking in Yosemite.

  • Yosemite Wilderness Lakes

    Another spectacular view of the Yosemite back country lakes that we backpacked to on our 2017 trip.

  • World Class Hiking In Yosemite

    About twenty miles deep into the backcountry, not long after climbing this ridge, then another steeper one behind it, my Dad looked around at the breathtaking granite landscape and said, "Doesn't get much better than this. This is some world class hiking right here."

  • Mendocino Seagull

    Down at the tide pools I got this California gull photo with my 70-200mm lens.

  • Bunny

    I caught a photo of this little bunny with my 70-200mm lens while it was munching grass in my parent's yard.

  • Home

    Nestled in-between the redwoods and the pygmy forest is my family's home. Originally a log cabin surrounded by redwoods, my father has cleared space for a yard, garden, orchard, barn, basketball court, you name it. The original cabin has been expanded in just about every direction. A very special pace for me and my loved ones.

  • Santa Cruz Harbor

    Panoramic of the Santa Cruz Harbor taken later in the day with some soft evening night.

  • Hair Flip

    Megan flipping her hair in the air at the San Lorenzo River, Henry Cowell.

  • Megan At The River

    Megan in some soft morning light on the San Lorenzo River in Henry Cowell State Park. We took a nice hike through the woods for her birthday and enjoyed reading our books and taking photos by the riverside. It was an awesome day.

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